Authentic Diri Sheila | Directly From Haiti

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100% Haitian Sheila rice directly from the fruitful land of Haiti. Known for its taste and smell, it is a delicious and flavor filled rice from Haiti's top agriculture producer.

Optional Preparation: Wash multiple times, with lime, rosemary, etc

1lbs per Bag

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Customer Reviews

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Fauve Merveille

Authentic Diri Sheila | Directly From Haiti

ronel theo

Authentic Diri Sheila | Directly From Haiti


My Bags of rice came breaking in the boxe. It was a gift from my African friend
So I don’t recommend people buy it

Islande Stlouis Joseph

Authentic Diri Sheila | Directly From Haiti

Sophia Dorvilus
Best ever

Thank you Michline Hatian Caribbean Store 19 for fulfilling all my cravings from California. I tried a rice at a friend's house and it tasted so good and different and when I asjed about it, she told me someone brought it for her from Haiti and didn't have a lot. I knew this Store would help me get some right away and true it was. My first order was dous makos that I had been craving for so long and some farine pomme de terre. Those were my 2 favorite foods as a kids and since I left Haiti in 97, I've been craving them. When I received them I could not wait and I've been sharing the information about this store to everyone I know.